This Week's Spotlights

By Astrid Ortega

Shangri-La Kids - "East Saint James Street"

Shangri-La Kids, the multi-instrumentalist Moses Abrego, releases his third single, “East Saint James Street" and it captures you instantly. The single is filled with unique beats, full of indie synths, an amazing cover art, and catchy vocals. “East Saint James Street” will want to make you get up and move around a little. 


Paco Versailles - "Libertine"

We never fail to enjoy Paco Versailles music whenever something new comes out. The dancemenco group bring energy within every song they release and “Libertine” is full of energy. With a more smooth sound, Paco Versailles still makes you want to get up and dance. 


Cali Santo - "Big Moon"

With an EP coming soon, Cali Santo releases “Big Moon,” a melancholic song with his warm vocals flowing through the song. “Big Moon” is the kind of song you won’t forget, you’ll remember when you first heard it. We’re excited to see what Cali Santo’s has in store for us and will be looking out for any new music to come from him.