The Luna Collective is a platform for the creative community spotlighting a variety of young artists. We create an online + print magazine to highlight talented individuals as well as the work of our readers. We also feature creatives + their work on our website & Instagram. 


Luna is a film only platform + we make print copies of our magazine to give depth to the work we feature. 


We are always looking for new artists to collab with & support. We’re always expanding & have so much ahead of us - so feel free to say hi & join us! Please read our FAQ before emailing submissions/pitches :-)



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Who is The Luna Collective?

Anyone & Everyone. 


While we have reoccurring contributors and people we work with, we do not have a set staff. We are always looking for more like-minded individuals to collaborate with so please contact us if you are interested in learning more - there are plenty of ways to get involved.


Where are you based? 

LA x everywhere


How can I contribute to an upcoming issue? 

We feature a themed submission spread that is open to all + a seasonal submission based zine. More information is posted on our socials. If you are wanting to contribute in a different way or have a pitch for a spread, please email us.


How can I buy a print copy of a magazine? 

When we first release a magazine we offer preorders of the magazine at a lower price. We order the copies in bulk and personally ship them out, which enables us to keep the prices as low aw possible. After that, all magazines can be purchased via Peecho, which we do not have a hand in the shipping process. All links are posted under our magazine page. 

How can I have my work featuring on your Instagram/Magazine?

Email us what you have or tag us on Instagram with #LunaCollective. 


I am a musician/writer/visual artist/etc. and want to be featured - now what?

Email us telling about yourself & any links to your work & socials. 

How do I submit a song for your playlist?

We take submissions via DroptrackTunemunk or Submithub (see below)


How do you make the magazine? 

A bunch of adobe products + minor mental breakdowns + lots of iced green tea. 


Why film? Isn't film dead?

Nothing beats film & no. 


Why print? No one reads magazines anymore.

Nothing beats print & yes they do.